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We understand that experience counts here at Mile High Ranch as we produce more than 5,000 tons of hay each year for the last 20 years. We ensure top quality and a great experience that you will not forget.

This is Western hay that you want that is grown at high elevation. We strive for perfection in our hay crop. We understand that quality is important; that is why we test every cutting and each field that is located on the premisses. This allows us to ensure the best quality when stating that our hay is very palatable with large leaves while being chemical and herbicide free.

Wyoming’s dry climate, high elevation, warm days and cool nights with an abundance of irrigation water available create a unique environment for producing  high quality forages.  Wyoming hay growers produce high quality hay for the dairy industry, quality grass forages for the horse industry, mixed hays and other forages for the beef cattle industry.

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100% Alfalfa Hay

On average, alfalfa hay has much higher levels of protein, ranging from 15% to 21% depending on when the alfalfa was cut. This is much higher than the protein levels of grass hay, which typically contains 10% or less protein. Alfalfa hay typically has more calories per pound and typically has higher levels of calcium when compared to the amount of calcium in grass hay.

100% Grass

Grass hay typically is quite a bit lower in protein than alfalfa hay; the energy content of grass hay is also generally lower. On average, grass hay has much lower levels of protein, ranging from 6% to 11%. . Grass hay contains a lower level of energy content, higher fiber levels and lower calcium levels. Grass hay typically has lower nutritional values than alfalfa hay, and is also lower in calcium with higher fiber levels.

50/50 Blend

A major perk of getting a blend is that you are able to mix the variety of nutrients that is received. There is not as much protein has a pure alfalfa hay bale, but more than a pure grass hay bale. This is something to consider when determining the purpose that you are attempting to accomplish when deciding which route to go when selecting your blend.


Product facts
Crude protein
crude fiber
Non Structural Carb (NSC)
DE, Mcal/Lb.
Ca:P Ratio
100% Alfalfa
15.0% – 22.0%
8.75% – 13.25%
1.06 – 1.32
50/ 50 Blend
6.0% – 18.0%
6.0% - 15.0%
7.0% – 13.25%
0.7 – 1.32
0.34% - 1.28%
0.16% - 0.24%
100% Grass
6.0% – 11.0%
6.0% - 10.0%
7% – 18%
0.7 – 1.0
0.34% - 0.43%
0.16% - 0.23%
happy clients

“What's not to like about this great family, farm and ranch! Thanks for all you are and what you do!”

happy clients

“I Love the family and they have the best alfalfa hay I've ever seen.”

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36 Mile High Ranch Road
Riverton, Wyoming 82501

Located approximately 15 miles West of Riverton, we have easy access and prompt on time loading and departure. Trucking available if needed.

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